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    Lets forget about the names of the parents and impossible pregnancies:

    1. We move to this house

    2. We adopt a little girl named Haruka Rose

    3. We get a black labrador named John.

    4. A little boy is born into our family! We decide to name him Mortimer Juluis after his great-grandfather.

    5. After a lot of big desicions, we move to the Netherlands.

    6. Because the kids were feeling lonely in their new home, we got them five fish, for them to get a little bit distracted.

    7. Work has been stresing everyone lately, so the first chance we get, we go to a vacation in South Africa.

    8. The kids are growing up, so we get them room renovations!

    9. A friend of the family passed away, and two beautiful blonde kids, little Salem North and Umbria Elizabeth, become part of our family.

    10. Baby Alec Noam is born into the family!

    11. Five is for quitters! Zinc Umber and Scarlet Xanthene are born to the family!

    12. Even though some of the kids are older, we build them a backyard hangout!

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