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    Nov 2011
    Wife: Juniper Claire
    Husband: Thomas Jamie

    Year 1: Pregnant with baby boy: Elijah Thomas
    Year 2: You build Elijah a backyard hangout!
    Year 3: A friend dies. She left her kids to you. Ophelia Jayne (9) & Felix Bruno (5)
    Year 4: You get a pet! A Turtle named "Smiley" for Felix
    Year 5: You get a puppy! A Golden Retriever named "Cinderella" for Ophelia
    Year 6: You're pregnant with multiples! Twin Girls! Philomena Clio & Lucienne Caia
    Year 7: You are pregnant! Girl! Amalia Isabeau
    Year 8: Your get a pet! A rabbit named "Fluff" for Elijah
    Year 9: You are pregnant! A boy! Jeremiah Samson
    Year 10:You redo some of the kids rooms!
    Year 11: You get a pet for the twins: A white horse named Blizzard
    Year 12: You are pregnant! A boy! Willoughby Davis

    June & Tom
    Ophelia (18)
    Felix (14)
    Elijah (12)
    Pippa & Lucy (6)
    Amy (5)
    Jerry (4)
    Will (newborn)
    - Lucy Marlowe - Abigail Darcy - Everly Eden - Bellamy Lux - Isla Pearl - Ophelia Jayne - Juniper Claire -Zoe Amadea - Aria Lysann

    - Theodore River - Paxton Elijah - Felix Raleigh - Logan Ambrose - Luis Raphael - Jonah Taddeo

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