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    Columbus, OH
    DW: Mary Lucinda
    DH: Edward Jude

    Year 1 - we have a daughter who we name Elisabeth Rosa

    Year 2 - we take a family vacation to Hawaii

    Year 3 - we move to this house

    Year 4 - we have a son who we name Samuel Zachary

    Year 5 - we have a son who we name Josiah Benedict

    Year 6 - sadly one of our friends dies and she leaves her children Alexander Peter & Christopher John

    Year 7 - we get a rabbit who we name Pepper

    Year 8 - we build this backyard hangout for the children

    Year 9 - we have a daughter who we name Sarah Margaret

    Year 10 - we have a twin son and daughter who we named Rose Emerald & Ash Sterling

    Year 11 - we get a turtle who we named Splash

    Year 12 - we take a family vacation to Australia
    ⋆ Margaret Mary ⋆

    Elisabeth Aurelia ⋆ Iris Christabel ⋆ Ada Marianne ⋆ Harriet Cordelia
    Dorothea Helen ⋆ Charlotte Gwen ⋆ Josephine Violet ⋆ Sarah Clementine

    Asher Benedict ⋆ Joah Valentine ⋆ Samuel Archer ⋆ Nicholas Bertram
    August Lysander ⋆ John Willoughby ⋆ Gabriel Zachariah ⋆ Tobias Nathaniel

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    Year 1: House 12
    Year 2: Elizabeth Addison "Liza" Erin Irene "Air" Age 5
    Year 3: We get a German Shephard named Lulu
    Year 4: Liz and Air were 7. I get pregnant with a little girl named Beatrice Sarah.
    Year 5: We move to Norway for a month!! Liz and Air are 8 and Bea is 1.
    Year 6: When Liz and Air are 9 and Bea is 2 we inerheit Caleb's best friend "Caleb's" kids, a 3 year old boy named George and a 1 year old boy named Ryan.
    Year 7: Liz and Air are 10 and Bea is 3 and Geo is 4 and Ryy is 2. We decide to get a kitten named Grace.
    Year 8: Liz and Air are in the 5th grade and are 11, Bea is four and in preschool, Geo is in kindergarten and is 5, and Ryy is 3 and at home with mama. We decide we want another baby. Theodore Arthur is born.
    Year 9: We take a charity trip to south africa with 12 year old twins, 6 year old Geo and 5 year old Bea. While Ryy aged 4, and Theo aged 1 stay home with Grandma.
    Year 10: We have identical twin girls named Lux Trudy and Pippa Trixie. Life is hectic with 13 year old twins, 7 year old Geo, 6 year old Bea, 5 year old Ryy, and 2 year old Theo.
    Year 11: 14 year old Erin and Elizabeth, 8 year old Geo, 7 year old Bea, 6 year old Ryy and 3 year old Theo beg for a backyard hangout, we finally give in.
    Year 12: We redo the rooms of 15 year old Erin and Liz, 9 year old Geo, 8 year old Bea, 7 year old Ryy, four year old Theo, and 2 year old twins Lux and Pippa.

    Lux and Pipps:
    Erin and Liz:

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    Cassandra Barbara and Benjamin Davis
    We adopt Canton William,
    We get a turtle named Remmy
    We redo the rooms in the house:
    We buy two tree frogs named Milo and Rosae
    We finally have a baby of our own a little girl named Delancy Grace
    Our family goes on a vacation to China.
    We make the big move to our new house
    We are proud to announce our triplets into the world boys: Dover Galway and Cayman Kingston and little girl Verona Avalon
    Little girl Julia Victoria is born
    We build all the kids a hangout area

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    Your Name: Paige Kristeen
    DH's Name: Jacob Matthew

    1. You move to a different house. 7
    2. You adopt a kid! Roll the dice to see. [if you get this option multiple times, make sure you don't get the same twice]. Aidynn Rae
    3. You get a puppy! Roll the dice to find out which one. German Shepard-Olive
    4. You are pregnant! Roll the dice. Boy-Isaac Josiah
    5. 5. You move to another country! Roll to see. 12
    6. A friend dies. She left her kids to you. Roll to see who her kids are. You choose names. [if you get this option more than once, be sure to not to get the same kids twice] 5-Kellan Joseph & Toby Elijah
    7. Your get a pet! Roll to see You decide the name. 5- Freddy, Ally, Emily, Olly, Gary
    8. You are pregnant! Roll the dice. Girl- Sophia Claire
    9. Your family takes a vacation! Roll the dice to find out where you go. 2
    10. You're pregnant with multiples! B/B- Parker Giffen/ Chandler Henry
    11. You build the kids/future kids a backyard hangout! 5
    12. You redo some of kids/future kids rooms! 5
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    DH: August Nathaniel Winters
    DW: Serena Lily Winters

    Year One: August and I visit Italy!

    Year Two: My best friend, Tuesday Ann Nguyen, and her husband, Gregory Nguyen, passed away in a tragic accident, leaving me their two daughters. I'm already the Godmother of both of them. They are Eden Serena and Luna Annabelle Nguyen.

    Eden (6):

    Luna (3):

    Year Three:
    Eden begs for a pet, so we get her a turtle, named Joojoo.

    Year Four:
    We build the girls a backyard hangout.


    Year Five:
    We get a puppy! A boxer named Phoenix.

    Year Six:
    Due to August's job, we move to Australia.

    Year Seven:
    We get a new house!


    Year Eight:
    Luna is nine, and Eden is 12, so we decide it's time to try for our first biological child. Months later, we have a little boy, Jethro Phineas Winters.

    Year Nine:
    Due to August's job, again, we move to Indonesia. The girls like traveling, but would prefer to stay in one place.

    Year Ten:
    We have another baby, Zara Beatrix Winters.

    Year Eleven:
    We visit Australia for the summer so that the girls can visit their old friends there.
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