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    My sister has PCOS and while not as thin as you, she is also quite slender. She often has to take hormones (I think) to get her cycle jump-started. She also did not start her period until she was 16, she had it twice and then it did not come back without medication until she was past 17. When she goes through the times when her cycle seems to be "stalled", I guess, she has a lot of similar symptoms. She gets bloat very badly (we actually thought it was IBS at first), she has gas and such, too - just a lot of gastro-type issues that make her uncomfortable. The bloat could be water retention, I know my sister has diuretics on hand quite often.

    I am not a medical professional at all, but you do sound a lot like my sister - I hope everything turns out for the best, good luck!

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    I get the no insurance thing. Im completely dependent on my university's student clinic for all of my health care. I don't even want to think about what would happen if something major happened.

    Is there a Planned Parenthood near you? They're usually really good about providing low-cost/free treatment. Can't hurt to give them a call.

    I don't know where you are, but California offers a type of insurance called family Pact. It covers all reproductive needs/issues.

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    Sidura reminded me - both here in GA and when I lived in VA, there was a state-sponsored sexual health insurance - it provided birth control, women's reproductive health, that kind of thing and it was either free or low-cost.

    I am lucky to have insurance right now thanks to my job, but I STILL end up going to our local health department, you should see if yours has a women's care clinic, the last 3 places I have lived have had a women's clinic. They are done on a sliding scale so you pay based on your income. I pay around 15 - 30.00 to be seen, which is still considerably cheaper than my copay and they provide all of the same services as an OB's office.

    Good luck, I really understand not having health insurance, it's pretty scary and it's hard to find options that won't put you into debt up to your eyeballs, hopefully you live in an area where there is a clinic available or a health department and you can get the care you need.

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    @blade - Thanks for the response! I was 99.99% sure pregnancy wouldn't be an issue because, like you said, body weight/no regular cycle. I just tested to eliminate that .01% of doubt. Health insurance is definitely an issue. I have none, was on Medicaid until I was 21 and I actually *should* be poor enough to qualify as I'm an unemployed student and my mom isn't able to put me on hers. They actually took me out of the program because I don't work enough hours. Even as a full-time student I was told I'd have to work 100 hours a month to qualify, which I would gladly do if I could find a job that would give me 25+ hours a week.

    As far as the BMI/being severely underweight... I know. You're a medical professional so you probably won't believe me when I say I have literally tried everything to GAIN weight. (That's not a jab at you, personally, but I've dealt with so many doctors/school nurses etc who think I'm lying that I've just come to expect it) I eat 3 square meals a day, plus snacks. In the past I've tried everything from doubling my calorie intake to 4000 per day, to drinking weight gain shakes intended for bodybuilders twice a day, to drinking protein shakes with my meals to try and put on weight. I've been to several therapists (for non-related issues) and discussed my eating habits with them and none of them ever felt that they were abnormal/disordered. I had one doctor test me for thyroid issues, Marfan syndrome, and something else (can't remember off the top of my head, it was about 3 years ago) and all her blood tests came back normal limits. Oh, and the cousin is a boy, idk if that makes a difference but yes, he is frighteningly thin but has the same issues, and eats like it's going out of style. I wish I could be 125lbs. Seriously. I don't love the way I look and I really don't love the way other people react to the way I look, but in an "I wish I weighed more" sense. Again, this is words on a computer screen right now so I'm sure it'll be met with skepticism, that's okay. I get that a lot.

    I'm honestly just glad to read the other responses and know I'm not crazy! Like I said I didn't think I was pregnant really (that wouldn't be a good thing timing-wise right now lol), just tested to eliminate the possibility. It's just frustrating since I was only able to have a "maybe you have this" diagnosis, and then was never able to really find out because of loss of insurance, and then to have the literature say I'm not a 'probable candidate' to have PCOS, I just got scared that something else was wrong. I think the ovulation thing is an issue... the cycle before the dr. suggested PCOS they gave me blood tests on certain days, and one of the two hormones (LH or FSH, I can't remember which or if those are even the right acronyms!) was low. Which makes sense now that I read what blade said about the endocrine system being suppressed due to my weight.

    And @alana2uta, congrats on your pregnancy! I think most of my worry about this whole situation is that I got a diagnosis of possible PCOS thrown at me, never had time to really figure it out or have it explained to me by a doctor, and since all I've ever wanted is to have kids (later, not right this second!) I get really upset when my body plays games with me. I'm scared it means I won't be able to have kids when I want to. I'm sorry it took 3 years to get your miracle, but your story is kind of giving me hope for later on down the line, so thank you!
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