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    Hilarious blogger finds treasure trove of crazy baby names

    I recently discovered this girl's blog, who has an entire section devoted to off-the-wall baby names. All the names come straight out of her hometown newspaper's birth announcement section. She looks into interesting trends, such as "mix-n-match" names (where it seems as though the parents just mix and match any two random syllables to form a name), "kree8ivly" spelled names, hyper-masculine names on boys (Rage, Chaos, etc), and just bizarre invented names. The list of names itself is hilarious, but her commentary really puts it over the top! Had to share it with my fellow name lovers!

    She's been doing a running segment on it for five years, so there are five blog posts, all can be found here. Be sure to read through the comments if you have time, there are some doozies there as well.

    Let me know your favorites, or if you have any experience with bizarre names. I think this topic is so interesting, so I'd love to hear your feedback on it!

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