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    I think it's cute with two children. Like the others said, as long as the two have a different sound. I'm most likely doing it with my upcoming 2nd only b/c I happen to love a name that happens to share the first letter as my first. And fortunately, the names sound different. My husband and I do not share that initial and have different initials from one another. So I think it's a cute little sibset connector. And as others say, three would likely look contrived but not two.

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    I dislike it. Unfortunately, we completely forgot when naming our daughter Mila Arden that both my husband and I also have names starting with 'M'. Arggh! So the next baby will NOT have an M name.
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    IMO, same-initial sharing between sibs is not a big deal as long as the names are otherwise distinct...and as long as it's not done to a Duggar-level extreme.

    I admit reusing a first initial is not my first choice, and it's not something I'd do if I were picking a name by myself. As luck would have it, my partner and I both came into our relationship with sons who have N- names. DBF is enamored with the idea of using another N- name if we ever have a boy together. He loves the thought of all our boys--his, mine, and ours--sharing that connection. Since I think the sentiment is sweet, I don't want to crush his (rare) name enthusiasm, and there actually is another N- name we both love, I have agreed to it. I don't know if it will ever happen, but if we have a son, we'll end up with Noah, Nicholas, and Nathaniel.
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    I don't really like it, but I wouldn't go out of my way to avoid it.
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    I think it's fine if you're only going to have a few kids and if it's a letter than can has a lot of different sounds. I think all of your names sound pretty different despite all starting with E so I say go for it.

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