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    I actually think it's nice to have the same initial as your siblings. It's a special connection. All of my best friends have siblings who share an initial. They all have one other sibling. I always wished my brother and I had that in common, but my mother chose to name me with herself in mind instead.

    The only names I see a problem with would be Ella with Eliot and Estelle. I could actually see Ella being a nn for the both of them. The others seem perfectly fine.

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    If they're the same style but not too similar in sound, it's generally okay for me. e.g. Adelaide and Alexandra would be fine, Adelaide and Adeline would not! Eliot and Estelle seem so different- Eliot modern and unisex, Estelle vintage, feminine and a bit frilly- and if I saw that sibset I would actually think Eliot was a boy- that it doesn't really work for me.

    But I'm weird with same letter initials and number of siblings in a sibset. A sibset of two with the same initial wouldn't bother me at all. A sibset of three, two with the same initial, strikes me as unbalanced (e.g. my grandma who has an M name while her two sisters have P names) If two out of four had the same it would be fine, but three or four out of four would be too much. With 5+ siblings, if less than half the siblings have the same initial and the others are different it's fine with me. Though I do know a woman with nine siblings and they alternate between D and P names. (I wish I could remember them but don't)

    Oh wow, I'm nit-picky. <_____>
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    Two is fine, any more and it starts looking a bit contrived.

    Ella and any of your boy E names are fine, but Ella and Eliot (which I don't like on a girl, or in this spelling, sorry) or Ella and Estelle are far too close. Ella and Eve work though - they're of similar style but have different sounds.

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    I have one relative family that has 4 kid's names starting with the letter K. My other relative family have all 6 kids names starting with the letter M.

    It happens.

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    I think it's tacky, gimmicky, and downmarket. All I can think of are those awful Duggars and their poor kids.
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