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    I think of the Duggars and worse - the Kardashians. Why stick with one letter of the alphabet and limit your choices right off the bat?
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    I've gotten past judging others for doing it, I guess I can see the appeal for others in a way, but I think it's a bit silly and don't really care for it, it does sound a bit like the parents are trying to hard.

    However, with two kids it isn't really a big issue. If you have one child and then adore a name that starts with the same letter, choosing it for the second seems perfectly logical. And if you ONLY have two kids, it isn't really overwhelming, either. But if you have a third, I'd steer in a different direction.
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    I happen to really lean towards E names. I can easily name 3 names for each gender of E names that I am IN LOVE with. I didn't plan it that way. In fact, I was an anti-alliteration namer before I started trying to name my son. I realized that I have thing for E's I don't know if we will go through with actually naming our kids all E's. but I have to say, I'm having a hard time falling in love with any other name or spelling.
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    good question! I'm not sure, I think if 2 children share the same initial it's ok, but any more than that and it gets a bit cheesy. I have 3 children and am thinking of going with another E name if we go for a fourth sometime in the future...Eloise and Everett perhaps! But for those that only want 2 children, then I would give them different initials. Hope that helps!
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    As long as each name is distinctive (and they don't have overlapping nicknames) I think it's fine.

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