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    Question What traits do you associate with these?

    I'm trying to refine/change up my list, and I'd love your thoughts on what personalities/traits/kinds of kids these names evoke. Also, any additional suggestions are most definitely appreciated. Thanks!!


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    Elliott - To me, Elliott is a boy's name. I can't take it seriously for a girl.

    Quinn - Not a fan of this, but it sounds preppy.

    Marlowe - The only associations I have with it are actress Marlo Thomas and gritty detective Philip Marlowe. I has a nice sound. I don't know... maybe a go-getter?

    Greer - My problem with this is that I can't get past the "rear" sound in it. There is an old film actress named Greer Garson, so that's my only real association. I guess I would picture a preppy girl.

    Elle - I picture a pretty but approachable girl. Possibly a little no-nonsense.

    Margo - I picture someone friendly, full of energy, probably has her stuff together. Self-confident.

    Mabel - I can see maybe one of two ways--shy and timid or a wisecracking extrovert.

    Bellamy - I got nothing.

    Everly - I'm not coming up with anything for this one either.

    Vada - I picture someone with this name to be artsy and opinionated.

    Leighton - This seems like a preppy cheerleader name to me.

    Waverly - This is a pretty name. Seems like a good name for someone with a sunny personality.

    Connelly - I got nothing.

    From your list, I like Elle and Waverly the best. I like but don't love Marlowe. Margo, and Vada. The others I don't like.
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    I like Margot and Elle. Pretty.
    Waverly immediately makes me think of wallpaper.
    Leighton and Connolly feel somewhat masculine but attractive.
    Bellamy and Vada I'm not fond of.
    I can't see Greer on a little one. It feels harsh?
    Mabel is sweet. Everly feels incomplete.

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    Elliott -To me this is a boys name. Not a fan of this name for a girl.
    Quinn -I like this name! I also like the name Quincy (I know a girl with this name).
    Marlowe -Not a fan of this name.
    Greer -Lovely name. Very Old Hollywood.
    Elle -Although this is a beautiful name. It makes me think of Elle McPherson.
    Margo -Love Love this name but I prefer the spelling Margot. Reminds me of the ballet dancer Margot Fonteyn.
    Mabel -This name has grown on me. I can definitely see myself using it.
    Bellamy -Not a fan.
    Everly -I like this name alot. But I know quite a few berries are divided because it traditionally is a boys name. I also like the spelling Everleigh.
    Vada -Fell in love with this name after seeing the movie My Girl!
    Leighton -Not a fan.
    Waverly -As I live in Sydney this reminds me of the Suburb Waverly. So I can't bring myself to like this name.
    Connelly -Not a fan.
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