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Thread: Jazlyn?

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    I like Jasmine much better, especially in the classic spelling. If I was Jazlyn and my sister was Felicity I'd feel a bit short changed!

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    Jasmine is so much prettier, down to earth and spunky than Jazlyn. Jazlyn is pleasing to the ear but it is meaningless and trendy. If I was named Jazlyn, and I had a sister named Felicity, I would never forgive my parents for that.
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    I also think Jasmine is much more pretty

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    Well since you already know its trendy, I won't repeat that - but it DOES lack the substance and backbone that Felicity has. What about Jessamine? Something like Clara Jessamine or Jessamine Verity would be really lovely.

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    Jasmine is much prettier in my opinion. I don't think Jazlyn is horrible though and would fit in with all the other trendy names out there. Most people she encounters would probably find it a likable name.

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