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Thread: Colors

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    These are on my own list:
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    Scarlett is one of the few I like I think (I spell the colour scarlet and the name Scarlett though so there's more of a visual difference there too). Jade, Hazel and Violet too. I used Indigo for a book character and Periwinkle was my rat

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    I know someone with a little girl named Mahogany.

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    Mahogany! That's something. My favourite color names are Indigo and Slate, but I know I couldn't do this to real children.
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    I love word names of all sorts. My absolute favorite girl's name at the moment is Ruby, which could be considered a color name. I also love Violet, Saffron and Scarlet. I knew a girl named Azure Waters when I was in college. I wouldn't personally use it, but I always thought that it was a wonderfully creative name.

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