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    Lightbulb Colors

    I don't know if anything like this has been posted before, and I wasn't sure which forum to put it in. Anyway, I was thinking about color names- like Indigo, Violet, Burgundy, Magenta. So I found a list of colors online, and here are my top 20. Not all of them are exactly names, but tell me what you think, any variations you have, and add more to my list! I'm also trying to make the not-so-name ones (like firebrick) into names:

    4. Indian Red
    6. White Smoke
    7. Firebrick
    12. Chiffon
    13. Cadmium
    15. Almond
    16.Navajo White
    17. Raw Sienna
    18. Sepia
    19. Burnt Umber
    20. Misty Rose

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    Lavender is my favorite color name.

    I think Orchid is also interesting. So is Periwinkle, but I think that would be more suitable for a fictional character.

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    There have been times that I have looked up Crayola names just to see if anything was usable. Just like week, I was considering Cadmium, but not sure how it will adjust from a baby-child-teen-adult-senior.

    From you not so-names, I actually like Misty Rose. IMHO, the names like White Smoke, has no appeal.

    Burgundy, is normal for me, since I have a cousin by that name. I also know some named, Champagne--I think that is a color too. One of our regular Sub. Teacher's, named her daughter...wait for it...Tangerine. That was really new to me.

    I have known/heard of people that went by a color as their nickame: Green, Black/Blackie, Cocoa, Red, Pink/Pinky, White/Whitie, Brown/Brownie...etc.
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    My favourite colour names:

    Hazel - Would absolutely use, as a FN.
    Lilac - MN only.
    Kelly - I like it best on a boy but that ship has probably sailed.
    Forest - I like this on a boy but I don't like the idea of "run Forest!" being shrieked after him all the time, even if it isn't Forrest.
    Indigo - favourite of my husband's but I don't like it that much.
    Violet - Love.
    Celeste, Celestial - I think its pretty, my husband says "if the baby is born herbal tea...?"
    Peridot - Love it for a girl's MN.
    Cerise - A whole lot better than Cherry or Plum, though I know Plum has its fans.
    Amaranth - Amarantha is prettier but less directly the colour.
    Carmine - Love this, very manly, but probably too Italian for our family to pull off convincingly.
    Cordovan - For a boy.
    Dove - I like Dove as a MN for a girl, but I wouldn't use Dove Grey.

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    Umbria is an interesting one, color inspiration and a place name.

    A lot of word names are also "colors" in the broadest sense. Fern, Olive, Flint, Ash, Sky, Clay, Pearl.

    My favorites are Coral and Sage
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