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    Which of these names could you see using in real life?

    A few days ago I played a game on the "baby name game" board where I had to pretend I was a middle school art teacher at a school in a community made up of mostly hippies. I had to create names for each of the kids in my classes while staying within a "hippie" name vibe. Some of the combos I ended up genuinely liking, and I was just wondering what anyone else thought? Which of these names can you see in the "real" world? Which are too "out there?" And why? Also, are there any "hippie" names you love?

    G: Lacey Amora
    B: Brighton Jaymes "Bright"
    B: Kennedy Beck
    G: Marley Rose
    B: Phoenix Lee
    G: Aria May
    G: Lucy Diamond
    G: Aura Davinci
    B: Mars Lucas
    B: Pan Francisco
    B: Jett Ryder
    G: Honor Delilah

    First period 19 kids
    B: Hendrix Jeremiah
    B: Asher Byrd "Ash"
    G: Eleanor Rigby "Elle-Rigby"
    G: Alma December
    G: Bambi Amethyst
    B: Ace Joaquin
    G: Jade Esmeralda
    B: Apollo Alexei
    B: Beau Bentley
    G: Jasmine Lace
    B: Hamlet Zen
    G: Zora Destiny
    G: Lyric Andromeda
    B: Lennon Malachi
    B: Freedom Riser "Free"
    B: Kingston Hurley
    G: Aurora Truth
    B: Leif Alaric
    G: Ava Tuesday

    your planing period!!!

    Third period is you smallest class at 11 kids and mostly girls
    G: Felicity Willow
    G: Daisy Sunshine
    B: Dylan Rain
    G: Persephone Zephyr "Persy"
    G: Melody June
    B: Journey Wolf
    G: Ember Liberty
    G: Tallullah Jay "Tully"
    G: Scarlett Holly
    G: Julia Stardust
    G: Cadence Flow "Cady"
    B: Elton Soul

    Forth Period there is five girls with the same name and two sets of identical twin boys!
    18 Students in this class!!
    G: Rosalie Dawn***
    G: Rosalin Echo***
    G: Rose Amelia***
    B: Adam Posiedon (twinset 1)
    B: Orion Jazz (twinset 1)
    G: Rosa Zen***
    G: Rosemary Jane***
    B: Aladdin Sun "Ali"
    B: Blaze DeLorean (twinset 2)
    B: Nico Dusk (twinset 2)
    G: Maya Fern
    B: Lincoln Xavier
    B: Eagle Flyer
    G: America Skye "Ami"
    B: Story James
    G: Henna Poet
    G: Indira Love "Indi"
    B: Jesus Garcia

    ***All of the 5 girls with asterisks were called "Rose" before entering they'll have to go by their full names!

    LUNCHTIME!!! You meet up with your fellow teacher to eat lunch. What is her name?
    Libby Lynn

    You get your homeroom class back and you take them to group meditation with the whole school.
    after meditating for one hour you have one period left. You love all your students so far and your excided for your last class the kids are always one their best behavior after meditation, this is also the advanced art class so you have a different lesson to teach.

    Advanced art class has only 13 kids and there is a set of triplets that have names that mean the same thing in different langauges.
    G: Fawn Gabriella
    G: Trilogy Star***
    G: Trinity Moon***
    B: Trey Helios***
    B: Amon Blue
    G: Zoe Smiles
    B: Lyre Emmanuel
    B: Jasper Mozart
    G: Goldie Fawn
    G: Ruby Secret
    B: Kai Revolution
    B: Ever Amigo
    B: Maverick Blaze

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    Re: Which of these names could you see using in real life?

    You have WAY too much time on your hands.

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    Re: Which of these names could you see using in real life?

    Not usually, but when your a middle school teacher and 95% of kids don't come the last day, you have nothing to do but play on the computer while they watch movies, play board games, etc...since there aren't lessons to plan and all grades have been submitted already.

    Besides, I wasn't the only person to play this particular game, and I'm certainly not the only person to post on this site.

    Furthermore, the need for judgement as to how I spend my time is unnecessary. You didn't have to comment on the post. I'm sorry you "wasted" your time by having to do that.

    Now, for anyone interested in this style of naming, I would appreciate genuine input.

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    Re: Which of these names could you see using in real life?

    I love a lot of these and I definitely think that they are usuable, I've starred my absolute favourites :)

    Aria May
    Lucy Diamond *
    Honor Delilah *
    Hendrix Jeremiah
    Jade Esmeralda
    Lennon Malachi
    Aurora Truth
    Leif Alaric
    Ava Tuesday
    Felicity Willow *
    Dylan Rain
    Persephone Zephyr
    Melody June
    Tallullah Jay
    Scarlett Holly
    Rosalie Dawn
    Rose Amelia
    Orion Jazz *
    Maya Fern
    Lincoln Xavier
    Story James
    Henna Poet
    Jasper Mozart *


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    Re: Which of these names could you see using in real life?

    Thanks Elena! I just can't get some of them out of my head even though my rational brain tells me they're a little out there! For some reason I'm in LOVE with Revolution "Rev" as a boy's name. I guess these will just have to go on my guilty pleasures list!

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