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    Just thought of Cosima (order, beauty), and since Vesper means "evening" what about Soleil (sun)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eshelby View Post
    Hello All,
    It's time for us to really get to work now. We need a little sister name to a big sister, Vesper. I think Vesper has a vague style to really pin down so pairing it well is proving a little difficult. We picked Vesper for the sound and its religious connections- its easy pronunciation and rarity were bonuses.
    Here are girl names we have tossed around so far: Vivienne, Genevieve, Aurora, Rosemund, Magdalene, Iris, Wilhelmina, Odette, Ismérie, Beatrix, Petra, Ottoleine. What pairs best from this list? Any new suggestions?
    Thank you very much for your help!

    Yes Vesper is a difficult to name pair up with!

    I think a lot of these choices are gorgeous, however I find some of these choices to classical and traditional with Vesper. Out of these choices I think Aurora, Iris, Beatrix, and Petra work well with Vesper as their short spunky choices that work well with Vesper the names have a sharpness to them. Whereas Genevieve, Rosamund and Vivienne are gorgeous choices but too frilly for Vesper. Aurora, Iris, Beatrix and Petra have the spunk that Vesper needs. My favourite out of these choices is Aurora. She has the sharpness, and vibrancy of Vesper along with the colourful imagery that Vesper has. Aurora and Vesper similarly work wonderfully together. Great spunky choices.

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    Have you considered Junia?

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