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    Your choices are really feminine and I'm a total girly-girl and love feminine choices like Genevieve and Vivienne however I do think that the names don't really go with 'Vesper' which isn't remotely feminine sounding in my eyes. I think with naming your second daughter you should continue using names that are similar to Vesper in style i.e. names that aren't really feminine, have a similar sound and maybe religious.

    I love the suggestion of Palmer (above) and how she sounds with Vesper. There of a similar style, have religious connotations and work effortlessly together. However I understand you don't. But I think you should still be open minded too this choice. Just because she works so well with Vesper.

    Eden -
    Eden & Vesper

    Lyric -
    Lyric & Vesper

    Acacia -
    Acacia & Vesper

    India -
    India & Vesper

    Viola -
    Viola & Vesper

    Tamara -
    Tamara & Vesper

    Out of the names you've suggested I think Aurora & Beatrix work well with Vesper as the similar 'spunk' to Vesper.


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