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    Little Sis for Big Sis, Vesper

    Hello All,
    It's time for us to really get to work now. We need a little sister name to a big sister, Vesper. I think Vesper has a vague style to really pin down so pairing it well is proving a little difficult. We picked Vesper for the sound and its religious connections- its easy pronunciation and rarity were bonuses.
    Here are girl names we have tossed around so far: Vivienne, Genevieve, Aurora, Rosemund, Magdalene, Iris, Wilhelmina, Odette, Ismérie, Beatrix, Petra, Ottoleine. What pairs best from this list? Any new suggestions?
    Thank you very much for your help!


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    Vesper and Genevieve, and, Vesper and Aurora are my favourite sets. Vesper's not a very feminine sounding name though, and all the ones you've chosen are rather girly and elegant sounding, with some also being common, (at least, I've seen them a lot on various posts) so it's difficult to match them.
    How about;

    Vesper and McKenna
    Vesper and Harper
    Vesper and Addison
    Vesper and Bronwyn
    Vesper and Rhiannon
    Vesper and Ariana
    Vesper and Louisa
    Vesper and Eloise
    Vesper and Violet
    Vesper and Azalea
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    Considering; Violet McKenna|Nicola Verity|Verity Elise| Clara Jasmine|Jasmine Oliviana

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    What about Palmer? It has similar subtle religious connotations (name derived from the fact that pilgrims carried palms).

    Vesper and Palmer

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    Quote Originally Posted by marywash08 View Post
    What about Palmer? It has similar subtle religious connotations (name derived from the fact that pilgrims carried palms).

    Vesper and Palmer
    Palmer is very boy to me. I know hayleigh_1990 says Vesper strikes her as not very feminine but Vesper strikes us as a feminine name only- it does not even seem unisex to us. So by choosing Vesper we were not trying to choose a boy name gone girl or anything like Elliot or the like.

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    I love Vesper! Out of your choices, I think Aurora is the best match, since Vesper means "evening" and Aurora means "dawn". Then again, it might be too good of a match and cause problems if you have more kids and want their names to go as well.

    Some other suggestions:

    Eden - This is my favorite choice for you. Great modern sound, with religious meaning.
    Stella - Means "star". Again might be too match-y.
    Luna - Means "moon". Ditto.
    Daphne - I just get the same vibe as Vesper from this name.
    Verity - If you don't mind another "V" name, I like the idea of sisters Vesper and Verity.
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