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    What about Palmer? It has similar subtle religious connotations (name derived from the fact that pilgrims carried palms).

    Vesper and Palmer
    Palmer is very boy to me. I know hayleigh_1990 says Vesper strikes her as not very feminine but Vesper strikes us as a feminine name only- it does not even seem unisex to us. So by choosing Vesper we were not trying to choose a boy name gone girl or anything like Elliot or the like.

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    Vesper and Iris and Vesper and Odette are simply perfect sibsets.
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    Vesper and Aurora!

    I also really like Odette and Rosamund. Vesper feels ethereal to me so I would definitely look at similarly magical names and you have several on your list .

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    Petra is a great choice! Otherwise agree Eden is lovely with Vesper as is Aria which was first to mind.

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