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    Nick names - what's the big idea!?

    So, I think we all consider nicknames when naming our kids, but I've noticed that a lot of people (including myself) will dump a name if the obvious nickname isn't in their taste or I've seen people (and done it myself) on here say "Oh I like that name, but not with that nick name so I voted something else!"

    What's the big deal with nicknames? Are they really THAT important in the "real world" or do Berries tend to overthink names and potential nicknames?
    Are your children's nicknames very obvious forms of their names!? And are they the ones you thought they would end up with when you chose the name/s?
    How do you stop people from using a nickname you don't like!?

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    I don't think you can really stop people from using certain nn. Like for me I never liked Izzy as a nn...which is what I was called during my uni years. High school the nn used were Belle & Isa, which is what my immediate family call me.
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    I named my son Oscar even though I can't stand the nn Ozzie. No one has tried to call him that yet (we use Oscys or Osc) but he isn't at school either.

    My daughter Nora is almost exclusively called Ra-ra, which I never forsaw, but was simply how my young son pronounced her name when she was born.

    I think you have to let go and embrace all elements of your child's name. You can't necessarily control the nn's that may pop up throughout their lives.

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    I can only speak from my own experience here. But I've found nicknames are generally only automatic or semi-automatic if really obvious (think Jen(n) for Jennifer, Matt for Matthew, Dave for David). Even these- I know numerous Davids, Matthews, Katherines, etc. who go by their full names. They've never had people try to call them anything else. For anything less established- and even some obvious ones- e.g. Abby for Abigail- it's only if the person specifically says they go by a nickname. Many people I know only go by a nickname with good friends, even if it's obvious- e.g. Jess for Jessica, Rach for Rachel- but generally use their full name.

    I find that with a name that has a really obvious nickname (e.g. Dave for David) people will ask whether they prefer the nickname or full name. Anything else, the person will initiate it for themselves (e.g. Dana for Daniela). My name's Lauren and a couple people have tried to call me Laur or Laur-Laur (personally can't see how it sounds good at ALL). Most of them stopped after I reminded them a few times I don't like it. Except one of my friends who gives pretty much everyone ridiculous nicknames for fun.

    I can only think of a couple people off the top of my head who go exclusively by a nickname- Ally for Alexandra, Jan for Janet. But I seem to know a lot of people with full names like Annie and Chris.
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    Friends will probably shorten a name, but they aren't used by parents, teachers or other kids. I have friends Christine "Chrissy", Caitlyn 'Catie', Autumn 'Auddie' and Olivia 'Livvie'. These nicknames you have little control of.

    But if a Katherine wants to go by Katherine, no one will usually say, "Sorry, but Katie is easier to say.'

    However, I think the reason many Berries are hesitant about using a name with an obvious nickname they dislike is because the child may want to go by it. If parents who hate Addy end up naming their daughter Adeline, there might be a problem in ten years when Adeline wants to be called Addy. Similar thing happened with my friend Evelyn, who almost goes exclusively by Evie now. Her parents despised Evie as a nickname, but they had no control over what their teenaged Evelyn told people to call her.
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