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    Ideal Popularity Level

    What do you think is the ideal popularity level? You can use ranking or percent. In the US, about 2 million babies are born of each gender per year.

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    I don't have an "ideal" in my mind, but when I look at my top 10 names for girls, the majority are in the 200s and 300s of the SSN. A few others are not on the list at all, but are either well-known (Louisa) or have a related name that's on the list (e.g., Estella isn't on the list, but Stella is). The boy list is higher on popularity, with more in the 100s and a few in the top 100 (including 1 top-10 name). Basically, I like names that are relatively known, but not super-popular.
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    My ideal popularity is between 600 and 800, but I'm happy if a name's between 250 and 2500. I worry more about trendiness. My favourites vary quite a lot in popularity (UK stats):

    Rosemary- 749
    Annora- Does not chart (fewer than 3 babies born in 2012)
    Verity- 390
    Elspeth- 673

    Edmund- 732
    Francis- 298
    Walter- 718
    Hugh- 364

    For me, Rosemary & Edmund have pretty much ideal popularity, especially because they have the option to use more common nns (Rosie & Ed) or more unusual ones (Romy & Ned).
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    I actually don't mind if its in the top 10 as long as I love the name. However my ideal level would be over 100.
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    My daughter's name, Adele, wasn't in the top 1,000 when she was born. Although it is rising, due to the success of a famous singer with the same name. You can't control popularity or the names of future pop stars! My son's name was 150ish the year he was and now for our 3rd (another son), we are choosing a name in the 100-200 range. I think choosing a "unique" and classic boy's name is harder than a girl's name. The popularity of a name isn't my first factor of consideration. I think the sound of the name and the meaning/family history are more important.

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