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    He keeps calling the baby Julio (hoo-lee-oh). Or Juliette (pronounced hoo-lee-ette), when I point out that the baby could possibly be a girl. At first, he was kidding, but now this has become the default nickname until the gender ultrasound. This is a particularly unikely set of name choices since we are pale, freckly Caucasian Americans who do not speak Spanish or have any Hispanic relatives. I figure I'll be naming the baby and introducing him/her to my husband after the fact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stripedsocks View Post
    My husband likes:

    Girls names: Raven, Winter, Clare, Opal, Saffron, Emerald, Briar, Siobhan, Morgan and Tegan.
    Boys: Liam, Lysander, Aidan, Isaac, Gabriel, Sebastian, Ronan, Dominic, Owen, Jonathan, Nathaniel.

    There are names there I don't like but I'd say overall his taste isn't bad.

    EDIT: I forgot he likes Indigo a lot for a girl.
    Hi stripedsocks, I really like your husbands taste, especially in girls names. Indigo, Winter, Opal + Saffron are all on my list! If only my man was that adventurous.

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    He does all right. He sure does switch tracks quickly back to comparatively normal for boys though. Though at one point he was down with Fox and Angel for boys, they weren't his idea like the artsy word names for girls, which was all him.
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    Here are some of the names my husband has suggested in the past...oh my goodness!!!

    Boys - His absolute favorite name is Nikolai (after the physisist Tesla), but he has also suggested Mercer, Wallace, Barnaby, and Stringfellow (he REALLY wanted to name our 2nd son Stringfellow)...

    Girls - He loves - no LOVES Elsa, but has also suggested Harbor, Albatross, and Magdalene...

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    He wants to name our first born Hunter. Other than that the only other suggestions are strong mythological names like Zeus, Thor, and Poseidon. Hunter? Yes. All the others? No way.

    Also, he doesn't suggest girl names because he "only makes men!" He's joking.... I think... haha.

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