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    Quote Originally Posted by labmama View Post
    My hubby thinks that Danger would be the best middle name for a boy.

    Same with mine!

    He seems to gravitate toward 2 syllable girls' names that end in -A (eg, Zara & Lyla), boys' names ending in -N (eg, Reuben, Fabian, Bowan), seems to like the letter "X" (Lennox & Xavier), and like me, seems to like a lot of "international" type names, or names with a specific ethnic/religious background that we find hard to reconcile with our own sense of identity and will probably never use.
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    Oh man, I can't recall them well atm. And he's away at A.I.T. training so I can't ask.
    Um, I know he liked Theodo-something, and Davout, Lysander. He likes those kinds of elaborate and historic names.

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    The only name DH has ever spontaneously offered was Calvin. I think it stems from the comic book...

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    My husband likes:

    Girls names: Raven, Winter, Clare, Opal, Saffron, Emerald, Briar, Siobhan, Morgan and Tegan.
    Boys: Liam, Lysander, Aidan, Isaac, Gabriel, Sebastian, Ronan, Dominic, Owen, Jonathan, Nathaniel.

    There are names there I don't like but I'd say overall his taste isn't bad.

    EDIT: I forgot he likes Indigo a lot for a girl.
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    Boys: Patrick, Vincent, Peregrine, Thomas, Isaac, Nathaniel, Asa, Fredrick
    Girls: Allison, Katherine (as a middle, its his mom's name), Megan, Sophie, Margaret, Annie, Blythe, Tirzah

    I literally just asked him and these are the names he gave. Some rather mainstream choices compared to what I would list considering our bunch.
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