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    Too matchy?? Mom+daughter names

    I'm in love with the names Meave or Mavis for a baby girl.
    Only problem is that my name is April. I instantly want to rule it out because of the matchy month soundingness. April+May(ve/vis)?? I honestly hate my name and wouldn't want to put a MONTH association on my child. I have said this name to many other people, but nobody has put the two together and thought April+May. It was so quick for me! Help! Am I being weird? haha
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    I would not have put that together at all. I don't think the association is that strong at all.

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    Ah I love the name April! It's so light and fresh, lovely name.

    No I wouldn't associate Maeve/Mavis with the month of May, I honestly don't think the connection is that strong.

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    I love Meave for a little girl, I don't think it sounds too matchy with your name at all! Go with your heart and choose the name you love. Bte, April is a beautiful name too

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    I wouldn't connect Maeve/Mavis to April at all. The only way I could see that happening is if you were going to use Mae/May as a nickname.
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