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    Names and Accents

    Following on from another thread, I thought it'd be interesting to discuss how names are pronounced differently in the UK/USA/Canada/Aus etc.

    We've had the discussion on Sara/Kara/Tara, apparently prn. sare-uh, kare-uh, tare-uh in the US, but I found a few others:

    Graham - gray-um and gram
    Anthony - ant-ony and anth-ony
    Evelyn - eve-lyn and ever-lyn
    Louis - loo-ee and lewis
    Aaron - ah-run and air-un
    Craig - crayg and creg

    Elias & Naomi - I wasn't too sure on these, but I've seen pronunciations given as eh-lee-us and nigh-oh-me. I don't know if that's a different accent or someone saying it wrong? I'd always prn. them eh-lie-us and nay-oh-me...

    So, correct me if the above are wrong. I don't doubt there'll be regional variations too. But please come up with loads more!

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    Evelyn can be said both ways here And as for Naomi I've heard both ways here too and Louis.
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    St John is another interesting one. I'd say sin-jun. Does anyone say it 'Saint John'?

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    The big one I think of is Elena. Eh-lay-nah? Eh-len-ah? I pronounce Elias Eh-LEE-us and Naomi Nay-oh-me
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    See, even here in the US there can be huge differences. I am from NY and my fiance is from Texas, when he says "pen", it ALWAYS sounds like "pin" to me (they sound completely different when I say them). Well, my father's name happens to be "Ken", so it's always entertaining to me to hear him say it because it sounds like "kin".

    For me, Sara and Cara are sare-ah and care-ah but Tara is tar-ah, I couldn't tell you why, that's just how I prefer them.

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