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    The Last Name

    First, I'm just going to say thank you to everyone who reads this.
    Okay so I have the definite first name for my main character, which is Phoenyx (shortened occasionally to Nyx). She is seventeen and lives in the future. A personality description of her is: Phoenyx is normally quiet and somewhat shy. She is guarded and isn’t the type to walk up and start chatting but will if it is a social necessity. She angers fairly slowly but when she is, she will stay that way in a cold-angry mood. She often will correct people but gains no pleasure from it. She also will talk back, mostly to people she dislikes or irritate her. She does not joke often. She is disgusted by oppression and ignorance. She believes in the importance of the past and the future.

    I have, in my opinion, a great first name but she is lacking a last name to match. Last name can be anything but preferably something that isn't too extreme and has something with a background. Again, thanks.

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