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    Names that have suprisingly grown on you.

    Are there any names that have grown on you? Ones that you never expected to like? Did you give your children a name that you previously disliked or felt neutral about, but ended up loving?

    I was just thinking about the name Eleanor, and I realized that it has grown on me. Same with Adelaide and Phoebe. My son's name started off like that as well. I felt very neutral in regards to Luther, but ended up loving it.
    Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Luther's little brother November 2015!
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    All my children have names that years before their birth I was eithervnot a fan of, or neutral about. Naming with another person makes you look of your own personal "beaten path" too. I tend to prefer strong names for girls and lighter names for boys but as you can tell I didnt follow that with each name of my own children. I was once a huge nature name fan (late teen, early 20's) but didnt really go for those as much as I once thought I would.
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    Most of my most recent crushes have crept up on me without me knowing - having always hated Alistair and Elspeth, their Scottish charm worked it magic on me, I suppose. Margaret as well - I used to think it quite bland but I'm beginning to wonder if it might come back onto the list...Eleanor I love though. (I love the names in your signature as well - especially those of your children!)

    I'll be checking back on this thread to see what others have said...

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    I've been falling gradually and unexpectedly in love with Aviva and Sunday recently. Neither was more than a blip on my radar this time last month. And nameberry has made me very fond of Beatrix, which I never liked before.
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    I now love Margaret, Jane, Edie, Pearl, Imogen, Agnes, and Clara—all of which I hated before. Thanks to Nameberry for showing me how to love these gorgeous names!
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