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    Cool One Syllable Fantasy Names

    Okay. *Bows head in shame* I have forsaken my own rules and written (half of) a fantasy without a naming language. And now I find myself at the point where I need to name the villain. And I wanna go curl in a corner somewhere and cry, 'cause I don't know where to go from here without a naming language.

    Well, not really.

    Okay, pretty much.

    Here's the deal. It's a Christian Beauty and the Beast retelling which explores themes of redemption, abuse, darkness vs light, forgiveness, and hope. It has four currently named major characters, one currently named dead character, one currently named freakishly-minor character, and a certain villain who is confounding me.

    My name character is named Tybalt, which I love because of the connection to the Shakespearian villain. (Yeah, Tybalt's kind of an anti-hero.) The novella is told from his perspective, which filters how he sees the other characters, and, of course, the villain. His deceased sister was named Tiernan. The enchantress who changed him to a beast is named Idona, though he doesn't discover it until halfway through the book. The little abused girl he finds hiding in the castle is named Isabella. (I swear to you, the "Belle" link was totally unintentional!) He calls her, variously, Izzy, Izz, or Isabella. The little girl's older brother is named Jeremy. Isabella and Jeremy's dad, Richard, is a minor character who doesn't play much of a part at all.

    And that brings me to the villain, Tybalt's father.

    All I really know about Tybalt's father is that he is a very, very, very, very bad man. I really can't get into any more than that without totally spoiling the story. I'm still tangling out the intricacies of his character and motivation, but that doesn't matter here.

    What he really needs is a name.

    I'm looking for something one-syllable that we have a visceral reaction to--a name that definitely sounds "evil"--but isn't trying too hard. I'd love for it to be something Biblical (like Cain or Saul), just to add a little level of irony and allegory, but that's totally not necessary.

    Take the stage, friends--give this guy a name!
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    I've always thought Paul had a more darker air to it. Cain and Saul are good ones too!


    Other Biblical but with more than one syllable:
    Solomon (love the irony of this name for your character!)
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    Probs won't be much help here as my main 'villain' is called Twist. Well, most of the time anyway, lol. The other is Jarvis but he's more of a background threat than anything else.

    So. Names.

    Dagon, Verne, Vaughn, Brax...

    I actually like Vance and Thane from Cat's suggestions.

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    This is a tough one...most of my characters usually face some kind of internal struggle, or are in a weird antihero place.

    I like Thane and Saul...I feel like Cain, while the story is appropriate, sound-wise doesn't fit as much. Some other names, like Luke, seem like too obvious choices for a villain.

    I like Thane a lot mostly because it draws up images of Macbeth for me (Thane of Cawdor, etc) and since you have a Tybalt this either can tie in nicely or be too much Shakespeare, depending on your view of it.

    Saul would be my pick for a biblical name, though its connotation isn't really villainous.

    Other ideas:
    Finn (a little too overused in fantasy, in my opinion, and doesn't speak "villain" to me)
    Cole (not a super-used name for fantasy, but due to its phonetic similarity to "cold," I think it appropriate)

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