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    I love Kate and/or Erin as a NN for Katherine. Hubby hates the latter, sadly. :P I try and stay away with hard "R" names, as I have a bit of a r/w speech issue sometimes. It's not bad, a lot, but I don't imagine I'd be taken seriously if - getting onto a child - I yell Win instead of Rin :P I eliminated Wren/Rowan for this reason. My mouth simply doesn't say it well.

    I forgot to mention that we also added Isobel NN Izzy to our list. Love that spelling xD

    Out of Nymblr's suggestions I like:
    Isabelle (Isobel)

    I'm trying to get on board with the Elizabeth suggestion. I'm putting it on the back burner, but not eliminating it completely. I like the idea of witty nicknames, but - knowing my husband - it would become something bland as well.

    I'll have his reactions in a couple hours :-)

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    Hmmm there have been lots of good suggestions, but here are some that are maybe not too out there for your husband (sorry for repeats!):

    Lydia (I know you have that in the above post but I think it's great, especially with nickname Lyddie.)
    Violet (Although since you love flower names, I'm going to guess he already nixed this one?)
    Natalie (nn Talia, which you liked above, or Tallie or even Lia?)
    Leona (Possibly as a nickname for Eleanor)
    Ilana (I like Iliana, but Ilana is a nature name, and has been around for centuries, so perhaps that would please your husband? I'm sure you could get some cute nicknames from it, too.)
    Cecilia (Again, you could get the nn Lia with the L sound you love, but also Cece, or Ceci, Italian for chickpea, and so cute!)

    I love Isobel with this spelling by the way.

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    I grew up in Texas and so can sympathize with some the issues here (too much Amber Nicole, Ashley Nicole, Kaitlyn, etc. then with Skyler, Kyler, McKenzy, Makenzee, Maddison, Kaley, Kaci, Kaylah, etc.-- the joke my dad would tell was that he was in the paint store and heard two women exclaim "isn't that a lovely name-- La Tex Ennamelle?!"). Are there any women in his family that your DH would like to honor or are there any interesting names in his family tree-- grandmothers, last names, etc.? Maybe adapting or honoring one of those people or family roots would make a name more acceptable. Are there any place names that are meaningful to him or you both that you could use (obviously Travis, Houston, Dallas, Corpus Christi, etc. probably won't work, but maybe Victoria, Abilene, Edna, Magnolia, etc. might)? Or maybe Bible names would work-- Lydia, Tabitha, Susannah, Eve, etc.?

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    There's no one in particular that we want to honor and - if we did - it would be a middle name. The honoring would come more for a boy (his dad), not a girl. I like place names and Magnolia is a favorite of mine. Him, not so much. Lol. Definitely no bible names, at least not intentionally.

    As far as luck goes, though - we decided that we both really like Molly so I think that's going to be the name to beat at this point. :-) I suggested Lucy to him, too, and he doesn't hate that. I think it's a cute sib-set. I keep trying to get him to come around to Tess 'cause Tess and Molly sound cute but he still doesn't like it. :-P

    Now just have to think of a middle name that we like with Molly. Molly Beatrice sounds nice in my opinion but he doesn't like it. Ha.

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    Best wishes-- Molly Claire, Molly Katherine, or Molly Elizabeth all work well, so maybe you've found your name!

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