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    I love Kate and/or Erin as a NN for Katherine. Hubby hates the latter, sadly. :P I try and stay away with hard "R" names, as I have a bit of a r/w speech issue sometimes. It's not bad, a lot, but I don't imagine I'd be taken seriously if - getting onto a child - I yell Win instead of Rin :P I eliminated Wren/Rowan for this reason. My mouth simply doesn't say it well.

    I forgot to mention that we also added Isobel NN Izzy to our list. Love that spelling xD

    Out of Nymblr's suggestions I like:
    Isabelle (Isobel)

    I'm trying to get on board with the Elizabeth suggestion. I'm putting it on the back burner, but not eliminating it completely. I like the idea of witty nicknames, but - knowing my husband - it would become something bland as well.

    I'll have his reactions in a couple hours :-)

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