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    Help with names that suit myself and my husband?

    I tend to like names ending in "ee" sound, names with L's in them, and nature names. Hubby likes... "Classic" names. Boring and bland, IMO. He doesn't like "flower" names - which I adore. I like unique names. Nothing top 10, for sure - and preferably not top 100 in my state (Texas). Though that's less important.

    Names he likes for sure:
    Katherine and Claire. He has come around to Lily.
    Today, I randomly suggested Iliana and Molly, which he liked.

    Suggestions? I'd rather find something he likes and then force myself to
    pick from that list later on. Right now, his list is super small - which is sad.

    After a few days of agreeing to it, he tossed out the name Aria Azalea. >.< I loved it. He doesn't. We're not currently pregnant, but TTC.

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    A few to consider...
    Cassandra nn Cassie - a classic with an -ee sound nickname
    Rosalie - also an older name. Pretty with an -ee AND an L. Also has a flower in it
    Clara - cute and classic
    Alice - also cute
    Coralie - -ee sound and an L, sounds a bit old fashioned but isn't as far as I know

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    His responses:

    Cassandra: "shrug"
    Rosalie: "no"
    Clara: "Clarabell. Reminds me of a cow"
    Alice: "At least that's a normal name"
    Coralie: "No"

    "The only one on there I would consider from there is Alice"

    As you can tell, already, he is picky. Ill type his responses as close to life as possible. Thanks in advance, guys. I'm running out of ideas.

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    I apolygize if any of these are superpopular where you live. I tried.
    Rose nn Rosie or Rosemary nn Romy
    Melissa/Melanie/Melinda nn Melly, Mell etc.
    Grace nn Gracie
    Caroline nn Carrie
    Lucille nn Lucy or Lucy or Lucia
    Elizabeth nn Lizzie or Libby or Betsy
    Fiona nn Fi pronounced Fee
    Alexandra nn Lexi
    Teresa nn Tess
    Dorothy nn Dottie
    Penelope nn Pennie
    Charlotte nn Lottie or Charlie
    Abigail nn Abby
    Matilda nn Tillie
    Angela nn Angie
    Cecilia/ Celia
    Eleanor nn Ellie
    Evelyn nn Evie
    Jacqueline nn Jackie
    Julia nn Julie or Julie
    Kathleen nn Kathy or Katie etc.
    Good Luck! Hopefully there are a few you like and even he likes.

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