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    I much prefer Annabel to Susanna, personally, but I find Rosalie and Susanna to be a slightly better match. As for a nn for Susanna, I like Annie and Sosie best, personally, although I think Posy would be downright adorable, if you could squeeze it out.
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    Annabel for me.

    Susanna (from Shoshana) can mean 'rose' or 'lily' in Hebrew, so as such, I personally wouldn't pair it with a Rose name.
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    Annabel seems a better match in terms of style.

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    I prefer Susanna. Too many -bel names around, in my opinion (which is too bad, I love the classic Belle!). Also, I like the feel of Susanna and Rosalie together better. They're both feminine yet spunky, and classics.

    I like Suzie or Anna as a nickname.
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    I like them both. Personally I like Annabel. I like Susie as a nn, though.

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