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    I would also advise waiting until you've been examined. If you aren't examined before trying you could end up hurting yourself, which may make you apprehensive to try again, resulting in an even longer wait for your boyfriend

    I would honestly take my time if I were you. When my DD was born, I had a straightforward (ish) natural delivery with no tearing but due to hormones, weight gain, and fatigue I didn't feel ready to try until DD was 11 weeks old. It was an absolute disaster (to say the least), I was in agony, and we didn't try again till she was almost 17 weeks. We too were a physical couple pre-birth but it was just too painful for me. Your body knows what it wants and needs, listen to it. If you aren't ready don't push yourself

    Good luck!

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    I had an IUD placed 2 months after Rowan was born. It was the Mirena, which has a small amount of hormones I believe, and it definitely did not mess with my system as much as the pill and shot. But, it fell out 6 months after placement. I *hate* birth control so I kinda took it as a sign to try something else until we're ready for baby #2. My best friend and her husband had been practicing the withdrawal method for over a year and a half and she hadn't gotten pregnant so I thought "Well, we'll just do that then. If I get pregnant, oh well. If not, that's good too." We have been doing it for 7 months now and I haven't gotten pregnant yet. We've had 2 "oops" in that time though, one of them being 15 days ago. I had some weird spotting a few days ago, and a few other symptoms and now I've got myself all worked up thinking I'm pregnant. I'm not going to test until my period is late though, so 3-4 more days.

    If you want another baby, and you trust your boyfriend enough to pull out Every. Single. Time. then I highly recommend the withdrawal method. Obviously, it's not 100% reliable and wouldn't be good for couples definitely not ready for another baby. But it works for us. After the second baby, I am getting my tubes tied (I'll be on the operating table anyway getting a c-section) so I won't have to worry about birth control ever again. Or, if he is okay with using condoms, then that works too. My husband literally laughed at me when I suggested them.

    As for the waiting period after I had her... I was the one pushing for it and I think we ended up having sex after 3 weeks. I felt like my body was ready, but I had a c-section not a vaginal birth. I would try to wait until your check up to get the "green light." And as Blade and others have said, there are plenty of ways to have fun without intercourse.
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    EXCLUSIVELY breastfeeding can work as birth control. Just like ANY other form of birth control, it can fail. It's worth researching just because it's amazing how the human body works. There are certain criteria for relying on breastfeeding for birth control, one being the baby must be exclusively breastfeeding. I personally wouldn't rely on breastfeeding for birth control even it all criteria was met unless I was okay with having Irish twins. There's always good old condoms. You can always use condoms in conjunction with other forms of birth control to be extra safe. My husband and I haven't used birth control or condoms in many years. Just pull-n-pray. However, we were never completely opposed to a baby during the times we weren't TTC. I wouldn't suggest not using anything unless you are okay with an "oops". There are so many types of birth control out there. I definitely do not consider withdrawal a form of birth control, in case I wasn't clear there. If I was completely opposed to becoming pregnant I would use some type of birth control.
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    Thanks ladies, you rock! So I will ask my doctor about those IUD things, they sound great. I've always been on the pill, I've never really thought about any other birth control methods but this sounds better post baby. I don't think I'd trust my boyfriend to do that withdrawal thing, RGE, although it might be the best option as there are no hormonal things involved. Yeah, my boyfriend does not want to use condoms either he was all I'm too old to use condoms. HAHAHA!

    I will definitely wait with sex for a little while longer, don't want a bad "first" experience. I didn't have any stitches or anything, but I don't feel quite ready yet. I've got some really cute mama lingerie, and when I wear my control top pants and loose shirts I look great, but once I'm half naked I feel chubby. So we'll wait a few more weeks I guess... and we'll be creative! thanks again girls <3

    edit: RGE, you're having your tubes tied? Isn't that scary? I don't think I could ever do that...
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    I wouldn't pull and pray! There's such a thing as "precum" which is semen released before an orgasm. I personally had a very good experience with an IUD, don't remember which one it was but it was just a copper one, no hormones (not the Mirena). I can't handle any birth control that suppresses ovulation because it takes away all my libido. Breastfeeding as birth control is not entirely and old wive's tale but relying on it is tricky. Your prolactin levels need to be at a certain level and that is primarily controlled by the frequency of feeding. So if your baby takes a soother, the occasional bottle, or sleeps through the night, chances are your prolactin levels could drop and allow ovulation to occur. But then there's women who don't ovulate until they're completely done lactating, and also women who ovulate immediately even though they breastfeed exclusively and frequently. I personally wouldn't rely on it as birth control unless you're somewhat open to another pregnancy. So I'd recommend condoms or an IUD.
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