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    That Post Birth Love Thing

    So this might be one of those too much information threads... But as we're in the mommy section I'm pretty sure you all know what I'm talking about!

    I had my daughter two weeks ago tomorrow, and my boyfriend is kind of getting restless. We're a very physical couple and I know the waiting period is very difficult for him . He's in no way suggesting/hinting this to me, but I do notice things even with my foggy brain. I know I'm lucky he still fancies me with my nursing bras and yoga pants and extra weight, but I'm not feeling quite ready yet though (I don't feel that sexy and I'm very tired), and I know between four and six weeks is the recommended wait for sex after birth, as does he.

    And, what am I supposed to do about birth control? I got pregnant while on the pill, but I'm not really interested in going back on it as we're hoping to try for another baby in not too long (or so was the plan). Should we just use condoms or are there any other things I can do? And is it true breastfeeding works as contraception?

    Just wondering if someone has any experiences or something they'd like to share...
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    I also got pregnant while on birth control and I did not wait the 4 - 6 weeks, and I even had stitches, it's very common, I think, for people to NOT wait. (though I'm sure there are legit medical reasons for doing so). I would not rely on breastfeeding as birth control, though I do hear that it helps a lot. We just used condoms until I was able to come up with a better strategy for birth control. As for the not feeling sexy, I would suggest some attractive nursingwear! I have a lovely nursing nightgown from Hot Milk that is very comfortable and supportive but also very sexy - and supportive coming from me is a lot because I am large enough that I cannot buy bra's in most department stores and it takes a lot of "support" to impress me.

    If you are not ready for sex, though, I would maybe concentrate on other forms of physical bonding, it's definitely NOT something I would want to rush if I weren't ready for it.

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    I would wait until your postpartum OB visit. You'll have a full exam including speculum exam to make sure you've healed well and there are no risks. In the interim I'm sure you can think of many fun alternatives... Pretend you're fifteen again. if you still have a sensation of pelvic heaviness or fullness that's generally from internal healing, and a sign that youre not ready yet (also its very couple-dependent re: reactions to ongoing lochia). Also-- something almost no one knows-- as the vaginal mucosa heals the sutures absorb and fall out. If you see them it's normal and a sign that things are knitting together as they should.

    Breastfeeding can suppress the endocrine axis, but if you've started cycling again, you're essentially fertile. I wouldn't take hormonal contraception if you're open to another pregnancy soon ; you could have an IUD placed at your postpartum visit (the NHS is very forward-thinking on IUDs) and simply remove it in a few months when you're ready for another pregnancy.
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    There are plenty of other activities you can enjoy together! Be creative.

    As far as birth control, there's condoms or a non-hormonal IUD. I wouldn't rely just on breastfeeding; it's not as effective as actually birth control.
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    I'm going to agree on not using breast feeding as birth control. I have several cousins born 10-13 months apart because their parents thought breast feeding would prevent a pregnancy. I think its just an old wives tale.
    If you want to start trying for #2 relatively soon I would go with an IUD since there's no hormones involved.

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