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  • Electra

    23 38.98%
  • Everly

    36 61.02%
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    Electra vs Everly

    I'm not expecting or anything, just going through my list and trying to put together a top 20.
    I'm stuck between these two, what are your thoughts and opinions?
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    Of the two, Electra.

    I don't care for either one but Electra is miles ahead of Everly.
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    Everly is pretty. Electra reminds me of a Stripper name. I think it is tacky and cheap.

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    I love the name Everly so I voted for that! Electra is nice but I prefer Everly!
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    Ugh, I don't like Electra. Everly isn't a fave either but it's much better than Electra.
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