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    I'm 22 with a 16 month old & another lil one due in Nov.! I got married at 19. I would like 4 lil ones, but hubby says he only has patience for 2 or 3. lol So, I guess we'll have to wait & see.

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    I'm one of the older Berry Mamma's, I'm 41. I decided to work on my career first before having children. I got married when I was 25 and my husband and I both agreed that we would not have any children until we got where we wanted to in life, career wise. With us both having such a demanding career it was very difficult to ever think of the right time to conceive. Finally, after 7 years we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Beatrix Jean(9). 3 years after Bea we had another little girl, Josephine Maude(7). 5 years after Josie we had our little Oliver Paul(2). Now 2 years after Ollie we are being blessed once again with another little girl! As you can see there is no set age difference with our children. We plan on this being our last baby. When I look back I kind of wish I started at least 2 years earlier. My 'womanly' clock is just ticking away and so is the 'life' clock. I guess it's just my theoretical thinking and/or the amount of hours I'm away from babies!

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    I'm 16

    I've been really on the fence with how many kids I want (that won't come for at LEAST another 10 years). So, my answer constantly changes. I guess that's fine, considering I have an ample amount of time to think about it.

    My answer right now is that I want at MOST 3 children. I for sure want them in my LATE 20's or in my 30's, after I finish school and am stable.
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    I am 27, prgnt with our first, which will be born right around our 5th anniversary. I was 22 (almost 23) when we got married and DH was 24.

    Honestly, if it weren't for a few life circumstances, we wanted to have kids a little earlier. We weren't planning to wait quite so long. But "a year or two" turned into 4 before we knew it! I'm thankful that we got prgnt within a few months of stopping any prevention...if it had taken much longer, I may have struggled with some regret over not trying earlier. Maybe that sounds weird...I'll be a mom in my 20s and may even have a 2nd before 30. But I had always pictured being a young mom, and was starting to feel like I'm not so terribly young anymore! (We don't know how many we will have...when we got married we both said "at least 4," but we should probably wait and see after one or two how we feel!)

    We are thankful for the time we've had together pre-kids, we've done some traveling, moved to a foreign country and learned a new language, and gotten to know each other well and had some cool experiences that would have been very different with kids. OTOH, I don't necessarily recommend that all my friends follow the same path. Especially my friends who are getting married in their late 20s, I tell them that it's not REQUIRED to wait a few years before kids. A 32 yr old friend who just got married a year ago found out she was (SURPRISE!) pregnant the same time as I did. She's older than me but had been married less than a year and was taken aback, but I told her, do you really want to wait til your later 30s? I've known too many women who've struggled with infertility, even in their 20s, and those who have gone to great expense and heartache to have a kid...
    I honestly think it's working against biology and the way our bodies are made to spend all our fertile years (late teens-early 30s) PREVENTING pregnancy, and then FIGHT to get pregnant later in life.

    Plus, I have some awesome examples in my life of young moms, who were energetic and able to run around after 3-6 kids in their twenties, and are now in their 40s and 50s, empty nesters, still quite young and able to pursue new careers, education, travel, etc. I'm not trying to say everyone should do it that way--obviously, even if you want to, it doesn't always work out. However, I think it's a very valid and good option that many people discount these days, because there's this whole list of things you just HAVE to do before you get married and have kids. It's okay, too, if you have kids earlier and save the traveling for when you're 45-50. Of course, it's okay to be an older mom, just works out differently for different people.

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    I'm only 16, so nowhere near marriage/kids yet!
    If my life turns out ideally, then my boyfriend will graduate next year and go on an LDS mission. I'll graduate in 2015. He comes back in 2016. We'll probably be married in 2017, when I'm 20 and he's 21. (Haha. This is Utah, folks.)
    But I definitely want to wait until I've got a stable job to have kids. So maybe we'll start TTC when I'm 24 or 25. I want four, maybe five kids. At least two of each gender would be perfect. 2, 3, or 4 years between each one. So hopefully I'd be finished in my mid- to late thirties.

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