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    I'm 18, unmarried (but in a relationship) and kids are a long way off for me. I think I'd like to start a family at 25 or 26 but that depends on other factors such as where my love life will be at that point.

    If I'm still with my boyfriend in four years time, which is when we'll both graduate college (we both start college in the fall), then I'll feel optimistic about the 25/26 thing. If I'm not in a relationship when I leave college, or am in a fairly new relationship, I'd feel less confident!
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    I am sixteen and am nowhere near children or marriage. I would prefer to get married at some point in my twenties and in an ideal world would have a kid or two in my early thirties. My mom had an absolutly terrible pregnancy with me (at 32) and we both nearly didn't make it so I would definitely adopt if there is a good chance I would have to go trough that. It is different for everyone but I love that my parents had me later because it gave them opportunities to be well traveled and worldly individuals with experiences, both good and bad, to pass on.

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    I am 24, and have been with my boyfriend for nearly 5 years now. We've been living together for the past 6 months, and hoping to get married within the next year or so. Probably 2 or 3ish years away from kids. Ideally, I could see us having two, though you never know how life will turn out!

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    One question to those who got married earlier...

    did you get a lot of pressure from family and others to start having kids? That's what I'd be afraid of and hence why I'm not in a rush to be married right now. I love the romanticness of marriage and what it represents, but to me a wedding is basically like putting on a show... I'd rather elope or have a simple, small one. I don't know if i'd like the expectations that come with marriage at such a young age. Am I just over-analyzing this?
    I got married at 18. We had a small morning wedding with just our close families and had a nice lunch afterwards with cake at a local restaurant for our reception. It was simple and lovely. We didn't have our first child till I was 22. My family never pressured us into having children, although we did start trying when I was 19 but it took a while. My parents also got married young so I'm not sure if that made a difference or not. I think it really depends on the people involved not the situation.
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    I'm 28 and pregnant with my first at the moment who is due 5 days after my 29th birthday, so only time will tell whether i'll be 28 or 29 when i finally become a mother

    I always thought it would be perfect to get married at about 24 and have 1st baby at 26. I got married at 24 so that part was perfectly on schedule, but then my career kinda took off a bit and so baby making went on hold. We finally decided we were ready September last year and I conceived in January. We want 2, prob with about 18 months - 2 years or so in between, so will be looking at maybe being 31 ish when we're done.
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