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    I'm 14, 15 next month...and I don't have any kids just yet.

    I'm not bothered about the whole marriage before children thing but I'd like to have been in a stable relationship for at least a year or two before trying. I'd like, realistically, 3 kids, starting at about 26 until 30/31ish - although if I could handle it, I'd have 5 or 6. In a perfect world I'd have a first baby at 26 (having travelled, gone to university, and started a good career), second at 28/29, and third at 30/31, and then if I wanted any more, I'd love to adopt or foster. I've always wanted a house full of kids, because growing up it's just been my little sister and I, and whilst I love her and we're really close, I kind of wish I'd had another couple of siblings.

    For now, though, I'm pretty happy just playing with names and cooing over everyone else's little babyberries.
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