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    I am 24 and have a two year old daughter.

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    First of all, happy birthday to @emmaboemma. I've never directly "talked" with you in the forums, but I've always loved reading your impressions of names. Very poetic and thoughtful.

    I disagree with the assumption that a 45-year old can't "get" a preteen. Imagination, empathy, self-awareness, sensitivity, and humility are the things that help us to "get" our children and they are not age-dependent--in my experience, anyway, these things are the more plentiful with age.

    I married at 31 and we had our first and only when I was in my mid-thirties. She's seven now (so yeah, I probably get the prize for the oldest on this particular thread so far) and I plan always to do my painstaking best to "get" her.

    Oh, and @renrose, I also felt that way for a long time. I remember feeling, at times, that there were no surprises left for me, but I can assure you that 26 is pretty darn young!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hilary View Post
    Oh, and @renrose, I also felt that way for a long time. I remember feeling, at times, that there were no surprises left for me, but I can assure you that 26 is pretty darn young!
    Haha, thanks. I'll try and remain hopeful

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    I'm young, so I hope it's okay to post here! I'm 13, turning 14 in July!
    Like a lot of the women on here, I'd like to have kids when I turn 27 or 28. If it makes any sense, I'd love to live and travel before I settle down and have kids. Get to know the man I wan to have them with, get to see if we'd actually be a good match for raising human beings. But who knows what the universe plans for me, I might end up 32 with no kids and no husband, but I'll definitely have traveled and enjoyed the world.

    In a perfect world I would be married by 22, start having kids at 26/27 and end around 35 ish. I would definitely like to have four kids, two boys, two girls but if I could mentally and physically afford it, I'd like 6 or 7 (Yes, I know, a big number and it's probably just the teenager in me talking lol) Which is why I want to travel first, so that I can get all that fun in when I'm still young, and then focus on raising my babies, and being able to have as many as I want, since the career I hope to go into is very flexible in that regard.
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    I am turning 24 in a few months, and Andrew just turned 28, no kids for us yet!
    With any luck, pending home ownership, the wedding and jobs,we should be officially trying to conceive in two years. I want to graduate from my program, and have enough work hours banked to get Maternity leave before we have a baby. I have crazy baby fever though, so it's very very tough to wait another two years! I also really want us to be married first, we have been engaged for well over a year now!

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