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    Happy birthday, Emma. Wish you a great year and baby on the way.

    I'm 20, 21 this summer. I wish to get married in few years, but who knows? I always want 3-4 kids. Two girls, one or two boy(s).
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    Lets, see, when I was a teenager, I wanted to be married by 21 or 22 like my parents. Got married at 26. Later than planned but better late than never. When we started TTC after I turned 28, I was "planning/hoping" to have a kid before my 29th b-day. Life never goes as planned or as you expect. Now I'm lucky to get in the first kid in at my 30th b-day. I really want 4 biological kids, hopefully I won't be too old before that becomes a reality. Life lesson: you can't really plan, you just have to go with the flow.

    PS I think it was a good idea for me to have married later, I got a lot of life experience under my belt did stuff I couldn't have done if I was married or had kids. I understand what it feels like to be under that pressure though, I put myself under a lot. I also have had a lot of time to educate myself on parenting and baby care, it's nice to feel totally prepared.
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    I'm 29 and got married last year when I was 28. We've just started trying for our first, which will (hopefully) be born around my 30th birthday.

    I think you need to go with the flow in life. A lot of teenage girls and girls in their early 20s want to get married before 30, but sometimes life has other plans. In my dream world, I would have gotten married earlier, but, this way, I travelled and had some experience living my own life before getting married and having children.
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    I'm 27 and pregnant with my first.

    I got married very young (22) but chose to hold off on kids for a few years.
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    This is a bit awkward for me considering I'm the youngest by far in this forum.
    I'm 13, 14 in June.
    Let me stress that the reason I am on here is for name ideas for stories that I write, and i just like the sound of names and their meaning in general.
    I am NOT planning to get pregnant for a LONG LONG time!!!
    Trust me, I adopted and my birth mother was likely a pregnant teen.
    Anyways, thanks!
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