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    33 with two kids. Would love to have two more, but don't think it's gonna happen.
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    27 and not sure of kids, but it's probably the biggest thing on my mind these days, whether or not to have them and when... My boyfriend of 6 years is 7 years older than me but probably even more on the fence than I am. He has a medical condition and he is worried about (petrified of) passing it on or having a child that had to suffer through poor health. I have cancer all through my biological family (mother with breast cancer, uncle with I think colon cancer, grandpa with bladder cancer and I have had melanoma, soooo yeah). Boyfriend also has a very pessimistic view of raising kids, all he sees is the happiness rating studies of parents in the first years, and how much time and money and energy they require. He says he isn't pessimistic but realistic, but I think he's a bit extreme. He worries a lot.
    Sometimes I wonder if the only way we'd ever have one is through an accident/unplanned. I dunno.
    Me personally, I would like one or two Bio kids at the most, and if possible I'd love to adopt. I can't imagine juggling more than 3,and I would prefer to have some money and time to do my own hobbies (horses being the lifelong one) and to be able to travel a bit as well. If I could have my dream plan (assuming that I do want kids, and I believe I do... Just imagining being at the end of my life, looking back, I think I'd regret not having any) it'd be pregnant in the next two years, baby by 30, and baby 2 through adoption or pregnancy within 4 years after that. And if we could pick the genders, I'd really like a girl in there, but lately I've interacted with so many funny, adorable little boys that I can definitely see the joy in them too.
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    I turned 32 in March. I had Willow at 29, and Veda at 31. We are open to having only 1 more, but we're not ready yet. We're going to wait until Veda is 2 before we try to make some decisions about it. We have lots to consider, but my main concern is that we don't have family nearby, and travelling to see them is very expensive. I just looked up how much it would cost for our family to fly to my home town...$6176CAD. Ugh...that's depressing! It's much cheaper (less than $4000) to visit my hubby's family, and they're not even in Canada.

    Edit: I just looked up the cost of flights with a 3rd child added in, and it was $7200. Crap...maybe I could stick a kid in my carry-on bag.
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    I'm 38 and just starting the process of trying : ) For me, I love that I waited. I got time to learn about who I really am and had a chance to become my own person before creating another. I got to travel wherever and whenever I wanted and really experience life! I got to create a life I really love and know I'm ready to become a mom and spend the rest of my life loving and taking care of her/him. I think everyone is different and when the time is right for them they will know! Current names I love Girls: Freya, Violet, Rowan, Lucy, Wilhelmina, (after my grandma) nn Willa, Wren, Hartley and Reagan. Boys: Jack, Max, Henley and Raymond

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