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    And I'm not saying it's wrong to have children younger if you're stable and responsible, but even my friend's mom who had her at 16 was 30 by the time my friend started high school and out of touch.

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    Life is unpredicatble, but in my dream world I will get married at 24 or 25. I only want one child, a boy. Hopefully I will be 27 or 28 when the little bugger is on his way! I don't want a girl, but I find the naming process for girls much funner. If I end up having a girl, I will love her indefinitely.

    Right now I am 21.

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    Fist of all, happy birthday emmabobemma!!

    I'll be 27 in a few weeks. I've been married for almost three years, but don't have any kids yet. I'm hoping to start trying next year, but we'll see what life brings - DH is trying to push two years and he's probably not wrong in doing so. I know I have plenty of time to get pregnant - my mother had me when she was 30 and my half brother when she was 35 and I never considered her an old mom. In fact, among my group of friends, she was one of the younger mothers.
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    I'm 25 and single, so no kiddies any time soon...which is fine with me. My family also tends to have children when they're older (my mom was 40), so I'll probably follow that trend.
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    Mid-30s, with a 1-year old. Hoping for another quite soon which in >99% likelihood would be the last.

    Happy birthday emms! And rennie best wishes coming your way. I felt like that for a long time too; I think many people do.
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