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    Quote Originally Posted by onehappymom View Post
    I've noticed a lot of people saying they want to travel in your 20's before they have kids or people saying they can travel when the kids are grown. My question is, what's wrong with traveling with kids?? By the time I was 15 I had been to over 30 countries. My two kids have been on several international trips.
    It's more expensive. Higher travel costs, an extra hotel room, more restaurant food. I've never traveled because it's too expensive for ONE person to do it, let alone a family with kids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sidura View Post
    It's more expensive. Higher travel costs, an extra hotel room, more restaurant food. I've never traveled because it's too expensive for ONE person to do it, let alone a family with kids.
    Agreed to this. My family never went on international vacations, we simply couldn't afford it with 5 people to pay for! I intend on having 2-4 kids, so I personally want to do a lot of travelling with just my Fiance first, and then hopefully, if we can afford it, trips with our kids.

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    it's also SO much more fun in your twenties. When you're older you're more fussy and more conservative (speaking from experience here-- I'm so much more impatient and tired and particular now than I was 10-15 years ago). No hostels, no meeting "chill dudes from Iceland" and deciding on a whim to go to Slovakia together, etc.
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    I think travel (national or international) is valuable at any age. I lived in Germany for 3 years when I was a little girl (and we did a fair amount of traveling), and as a result, I was always interested in languages and world literature etc.. In college, I studied for a short time in England and saw as much as I could and once again, travel changed me for the better (we lived all over stateside and have tried to see a lot here as well). My husband and I intend to travel with our son and any other kids we have because I believe it is good for us and them to see more of the world if we can -even if it means a more modest home so we can afford/save for family trips (and I am not talking about huge yearly trips, although that would be amazing). I don't think there is one right order for things but just to know yourself. For me, I know travel is a priority for my husband too so I know it is a big priority for our family, kids or no, and we will make it happen. I honestly love seeing the world through my little boy's eyes (yes, I am a sappy-sap sentimental person) and can't wait to share things and discover things with him.
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    I'm 22, husband is 25, our only kids are our 2 cats. Hopefully adding a puppy! I don't think I'll be wanting kids for a long time, probably not till I'm closer to 30. We plan on only having 1, if any at all. I want to travel the world first and then we'll see what happens.

    To answer the question as to why not travel with kids, my reasons are:
    - kids easily bored on plane/car
    - activities have to focus around kids or they get bored (most museums, scenic gardens, historic landmarks, etc... would bore children)
    - no alone time with partner, thus losing the romance of the trip
    - kids tire, go to bed early, easily worn out - no staying out late, enjoying the night life, missing things due to time constraint
    - really expensive = more food, plane tickets, etc.

    Sure I traveled with my parents when I was little, went to Taiwan 3 times and Canada. I don't even remember the trips, mainly because I was too young, so what's the point in taking a kid to see the world when in long run, they won't remember it? (I remember my 4th trip to Taiwan because it was 2 years ago. First time I was able to actually enjoy the experience.)

    If I ever travel with my future child, it would most likely be once they are in college, an adult.

    Now the above doesn't apply to kid focused trips, like Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Studios.... etc... those I would love to bring a kid on because well it's for kids! But I wouldn't want to bring one to London or Venice.
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