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    I'm 17, my mom is 61 going on 62 dad is 64 (or is it 65??).
    We have pretty good connections, they are both spry. She understands me most of the time as does my dad (trying to explain certain aspects of technology and how they work can be annoying ie cellphones, iPods, etc). My mom had me in her mid forties and yes, I wasn't planned.
    I think I would be best to have kids in my thirties. The twenties are too young for me! I'm just not that type of person. My sister had her child at 23 and thought it was a mistake, because she is very much a handful. I don't dream of marriage or kids, helping look after my niece is enough for now. Maybe one day, one or two would be nice but definitely with a spouse. Being a single parent can be tricky.
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    I'm 33. I had twins at 16, then kids at 28, 31 and am currently expecting my last. I can honestly say that the babies I had later were much easier but they may be because I was happily married then and not trying to cope with 2 babies on my own!

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    Dh and I are in our late 20's and have one beautiful little girl. We plan to ttc sometime this summer again. What a joy it is to have a little one who depends on your every move! I never thought it would be so completely satisfying not to mention exhausting. Totally worth it though.
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    I'm 19, and I honestly do not want kids until my late 20s, early 30s. I would like to have traveled a bit, volunteered overseas, got a reasonable job and a house before I get married and have kids. I think that is reasonable for me.

    Edit: This might be influenced by the fact that my own parents were in their 30's when they had me. Mum: 33, Dad: 38. But they are awesome and they 'get' me despite being in their 50s now. Age really does not matter. But I love the fact that my dad did a lot of travelling before he had me (it has inspired me to do it). I love listening to him talk about visiting places like Morocco, St Petersburg, Petra etc (which is quite rare). So that is probably why I want to have gained a lot of life experience before I have children.

    This does not mean I have to young to do all these great things, I will most probably do them with kids and after they have left too. I love travelling overseas!
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    Im 25 in october, I have a 4 and a 2 yr old. (5 in july | 3 in june)

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