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    I'm 25 and my son is 2.5 (honeymoon baby ). We had planned to wait a few years but got a wonderful surprise. It was/is hard in some ways but really, I am very grateful things worked out this way. Our little boy means the world to us. I'm a younger parent (my fella is a couple of years older than I am) but we still have goals/dreams as a couple/individuals, we just bring him along as we shoot for the stars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by niteowl13 View Post
    Well, I am probably the oldest to respond to this thread. 37 and expecting my first!
    Call me old-fashioned, but I do think that people should wait to marry before having children.
    First up congratulations! Secondly, I agree marry first have children later.

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    I'm 17, no kids. Marriage before children is very important to me as well.

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    Hmm.. well I'm 19 now and I used to want to be married at like 21 and first baby on the way not long after, but I'm definitely NOT ready for any of that anytime soon! I have at least 4 more years of college to go, and that is top priority at the moment. And I'd have to meet the right guy and get married, and be married for a bit before we'd start having children.. that's definitely important to me.. At this point, 25 or so is kind of my "ideal", if that makes sense!
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    I just turned 15, and plan on having 3 kids, but not for a long time yet. I don't care if I'm 22 or 42 when I have my first it will depend on when me and my husband (marriage before kids is important to me) are both financially and emotionally ready. I'm surprised to just how many teens are on here, actually.
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