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    If I worked the insane hours a doctor did, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't cook either. And that delivered food sounds like a great deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluesparrow5684 View Post
    I love my job thanks.... I was a very resourceful kid and loved cooking very young.. My residents absolutely LOVE my food... And so does my boyfriend and daughter... Enjoy your bubble filled ivory tower you spoiled pretentious princess
    That's crossing a line as far as I'm concerned. If someone chooses to buy their food instead of making it that's their decision. If I didn't enjoy making food (or if I wasn't any good at it) I wouldn't do it either, and just because you do it doesn't mean everyone has to. Do you find people who buy art instead of making it themselves pretentious? Coffee, drinks, etc? People have different skills and interests. Cheer up and stop being mean!
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    I love and often use the website

    I find that it is full of really awesome recipes that are reviewed and rated. You can search by keyword, by main ingredient, by difficulty level or time commitment. You can also search for kid-friendly recipes that might be good for Antoine at different stages. They also have great guides about what how to cook whatever fruits and veggies are in season in your part of the country, which is my favorite way to cook! There are also some how-to guides for different techniques and basics (here: ) which might be helpful.

    I know it is not a cookbook but I find that it is a great resource. I often cross reference recipes from cookbooks with recipes on the this website to see different techniques and measurements. Good luck and have fun experimenting!

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    Getting home from a long day at work and still needing to cook is definitely a huge pain - and I generally like cooking!

    I second Alice Waters as a great resource - I lived close to Chez Panisse for a while, but never made it inside. There are also a lot of amazing food blogs out there that offer nice wonderful recipes. I find I use them much more than the fancy cookbooks I own. Some of my favorites are - very simple, very healthy, vegetarian; gorgeous photos! - very eclectic and delicious; good writing - she has a little baby too! - more like a online cookbook than a blog, but a useful resource - more complicated recipes, but amazing photography

    Hope this helps!

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    I know I'm going to get haters for this, but I don't think bluesparrow is being that rude. She's being realistic. An adult who is a surgeon, nonetheless, should be able to cook. Ordering food/eating out for all 3 meals, every day, is a little outrageous. I noticed no one said anything about blade insulting bluesparrow's job. Hmmm. Seems like blade is the resident bully here. Especially judging from all her past posts.
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