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    I too can't imagine not cooking. For us, a meal out is a luxury and a rare treat and I can't imagine being in a position to be able to do it three times a day, seven days a week! Between the cost of the food, delivery and a tip..Wow, I can't even begin to imagine how much you must be spending on food. Does not knowing the nutritional content of your meals not bother you?

    I think food is a very important part of family life. I love providing my daughter with nourishing, home made meals made with love and I get great satisfaction in seeing her eat my meals.

    Some of my fondest childhood memories involved baking with mom, or waking up on a Sunday morning to the smell of a chicken roasting in the oven for dinner.

    Anyway, I definitely think you should cook for Antoine.

    If you plan on cooking solely for Antoine and continuing eating out for yourself and your DH, it should be pretty easy.

    Breakfast is simple. Porridge/Oatmeal is easy to prepare and highly nutritious. A muesli cereal is another option, or maybe some wholegrain bread with a low fat spread. Some fruit or maybe a slice of ham/cheese to accompany and your done.

    Lunch could be scrambled egg on wholegrain toast, baked beans in tomato sauce, or a homemade vegetable soup, if you were feeling brave. Again, these are all pretty much convenience foods that require little/no skill to prepare.

    Pasta is a good option for dinner. Amelie used to love it accompanied with a homemade tomato sauce, packed with an assortment of veggies and some shredded chicken. Pasta is so quick and easy to prepare and if making a sauce isn't your thing, there are plenty of ready made jars on the market that would be great.

    Snacks would be cheese slices/cubes, cucumber, peppers, yoghurt, or maybe a slice of bread.

    Good luck with the cooking!

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    Wow, I can't believe you don't cook at all! Seriously, I can't believe you order in for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I mean, I know you're obviously a very busy person, but still, that's pretty amazing! Well, anyway, others have given you some great suggestions. I'll reiterate the joys of a crockpot (slow cooker). Chuck in some meat and veggies and it's done. There's plenty of websites you should be able to find some meal ideas on. I use a lot and also a few vegetarian sites like (but you're probably not into vego). Good luck with your future cooking adventures!
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    Haha, Blade, you don't cook! I am not very shocked... but with a kid I see the need. I'm an excellent cook so I appreciate the difference between your logical surgeon brain and the completely sense and intuition driven art of cooking. I have about a hundred cook books, so I'm happy to give you some titles... what kind of cuisines do you enjoy? I think Jamie Oliver's books are wonderful, and he has one with 30 minutes meals, and one with 15 minute ones, as well as other great ones (my favourite is his Dinner cookbook). I also enjoy Nigella Lawson (she has a book called Express and one called Kitchen, both great), Nigel Slater (he's got express books as well, he's very intelligent and writes really well. The food is delicious and the pictures are heaven). And River Cottage (great organic farm/restaurant in England), hey, they've got a kiddy book (Link)! It has to be great, and his food is always very simple. I love Tessa Kiros, she has a book called Apples for Jam that focuses on kid friendly recipes. And I think Sophie Dahl's two cook bookss are brilliant and simple (seasonal British). Annabel Carmel has a great baby & toddler book, but that one's mainly focused on weaning.

    Good luck, and if you want more titles (or simply recipes) I'm happy to help!
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    I hear ya sista, I hate cooking. When I'm hungry I don't want to have to wait all the time it takes to cook something, plus it's not fun. If I'm hungry I want to be able to eat something healthy without having to wait to cook it plus all the time and energy put into it. It's such a long process to find a recipe, get the ingredients, then meticulously follow instructions to put it all together. I have better things to do. Hence, warming stuff up is the closest to "cooking" I get most days. Unless DH has a recipe he wants to try and I will cook it, I'm actually a pretty good cook, I just don't enjoy it at all. I'm jealous, sounds like you probably get some delicious food delivered with those restaurants all around you. If i could, I probably would too. DH cooks for us most of the time if we need to, but I usually just make salads since no cooking is involved, or I throw a potato (regular or sweet potato) in the oven for an hour at 350 which is so easy. I'll wait an hour if it means I don't have to do anything else but throw a potato in the oven, lol!
    I also love getting cottage cheese and covering it with cinnamon, its also amazing if you add some red grapes! Peaches and pears are really good with cottage cheese too.
    Oatmeal is really good for you and pretty easy, just bring a cup of water to a boil then throw in half a cup of oatmeal an let simmer for a couple mins while you stir so it doesn't stick. Then throw in some honey and cinnamon with raisins and either almond shavings or walnut pieces if you like and that's pretty tasty. No recipe needed.
    Carrot Sticks, grape tomatoes, or broccoli with Paul Newman Ranch is good.
    I get frozen veggies, throw some in a bowl and microwave them for a minute or two, while stopping and stirring once or twice to evenly cook it. Real simple and still healthy. I don't actually have a set time I put the microwave on, I just put in a number under a min and keep testing it til its ready. Very easy.
    Something else I love that is healthy and doesn't require cooking is guacamole! Cut the avocado in half vertically while rotating around the pit, it'll pop open if you pull apart (make sure the avocado is not hard, might have to let it sit out for a day or two before using). Then use a spoon to scrape the avocado apart from the rind and smash it with a fork over and over in a bowl. Then cut up(dice) a tomato into small pieces and put in the guac and add salt to the amount you like it and voila! You probably wouldn't want to give Antoine the tortilla chips to eat it with, but it's just as tasty without them.
    Try to buy as much organic as possible. I also avoid canned food as much as possible since there is BPA in the lining of the can. Hope some of these ideas helped.
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    Wow... I wasn't I find it hard that a person who is an adult has not ever had to cook for anyone.... And yet has time to become a surgeon....
    Betty Crocker is good... Start small

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