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Thread: Dolores??

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    Question Dolores??

    I would love to honor my grandmother by naming our future daughter after her. Her name was Dolores. Would Dolores be too much for a first name? Thinking we could call her Doris or Dot for a nn. I saw that Dot was used as a nn for Doris even though I thought it was only for Dorothy. Thoughts??

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    I think that it's very sweet that you want to name your daughter after your grandmother. However, Dolores is quite old-sounding, and not very attractive. I think Lola, a traditional nickname for Dolores, is a better bet.

    Some ideas for middles...
    Lola Jane
    Lola Verity
    Lola Pearl
    Lola Teresa
    Lola Claire
    Lola Vivienne
    Lola Katherine
    Lola Florence
    Lola Sabine
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    I had the same reaction as the pp. I'd go with Lola, as it's a nn of Dolores and would be a good way to honor her! Lola is one of my all tine favorites!

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    Maybe Dolores would be okay as a middle name, or some variation of it (Dot would be cute). I really don't Dolores as a first name. It is very old fashioned, it hasn't quite made the trip around to being a cool, vintage name yet. It also means pain. I think it would be a tough name to saddle a little girl with.

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    I love this name, even if it does mean "sorrows," and sounds like dolorous. So graceful and solemn-sounding.
    If you love the name Dolores, never ever watch the movie Dolores Claiborne.
    Dot is fabulous, and totally works for Dolores. Ditto Doris.

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