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    Question Biblical Name Question

    Hi everyone. My Husband and I were talking about Biblical names. I am not quite sure about this name so I wanted to see what you think of it. The name is Zipporah. My husband likes Zoe as a nickname. I thought maybe Z or Zo would be cute also. So let me know what you think!
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    Zipporah is fabulous! It's definitely unusual, but I HAVE seen it used before and it translates quite well in real life! I think there are a few of the more unusual / obscure Biblical names being brought out and dusted off these days, I don't think Zipporah would have any trouble.

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    Zipporah is lovely! I attended college with a girl named Zipora--I believe it was the Portuguese/Brazilian spelling? She was from Brazil. She went by Zippy--I always thought that was a fun nn--but I have to say I love Zo/Zoe, too (or just Zoe in general!). Or maybe even Zora. I agree it's very usable.
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    We have a Zipporah at the daycare, she's beyond precious! Zippy is her nickname. Zoe makes no sense to me though...
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    Zipporah is definitely not my style, but I like Zoe as a nickname.

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