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Thread: Dolores??

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    I like Dolores, and Dot works for sure (although some people will probably want to call her Dolly, so be prepared for that.)

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    I think this name is very very old sounding... I wouldn't use it as a first name for sure and if you HAD to... I would for sure use Lola for a nickname.... It's too old and heavy sounding

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    I can't get past the meaning, and it seems like it would be hard to pull off. I would keep it in the middle spot.

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    If you had

    Lola Charlotte

    her name would mean sorrow free so that her name meaning wouldn't be so bad. I don't know if that bothers you or not. It shouldn't, Lola and Dolores are both great names, in my opinion

    Even Dolores Charlotte is a nice name

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    I don't like Dolores as a fn. I would use Lola as a fn or Dolores as the mn.

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