View Poll Results: Which Isadora (sadie) combo is your favourite?

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  • Isadora Scarlett

    37 25.17%
  • Isadora Pearl

    64 43.54%
  • Isadora Clementine

    10 6.80%
  • Isadora Bluebell

    26 17.69%
  • Isadora Ruby

    10 6.80%
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    I love all 5 of these combos so much I can't decide!!

    We had more or less decided that Aurora was definately going to be our choice for second daughter but now Isadora is back on the table... I think I'm loving it even more!! Especially as it seems to pair so beautifully with all my favourite middles... An ongoing problem with Aurora was that I couldn't find a combo that I adored!

    So for the moment I'm wondering what combo from above berries prefer? I genuinely love All the combos above so much I can't decide!! Also what do you think of Matilda (tilly) and Isadora (sadie) as a sibset? Do you think they compliment each other better than Matilda and Aurora (Rory)?

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    I looooove Isadora with the nickname Sadie! It was one of my favourites about 8 years ago
    I voted for Isadora Pearl.

    Matilda & Isadora are great together. I think Matilda & Aurora are great together, too, but I don't personally like Aurora, and dislike Rory a lot on a girl, so that's two strikes against it whereas I love Isadora and Sadie and love how they work together.
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    I voted for Isadora Ruby. I have personal issues with Isadora (that I've discussed before--I won't go into it unless you want me to), but it is a lovely name and Tilly and Sadie are really cute together. I like Tilly and Sadie together more, but I prefer Matilda and Aurora for full names, and I prefer Aurora in general. Rory's not bad--I just think that such a gorgeous name being reduced to such a boyish/handsome nn seems like a waste to me. Aurora "Rory" isn't bad--Rory's pretty cute, actually--it just wouldn't be my nn of choice.
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    I do love Tilly and Sadie together too! I used to really not like nn Rory as a nn for Aurora either but it's grown on me and I actually think its pretty spunky now even though in some ways to me it will always be a boys name! Getting back to Isadora though... Any more opinions on combos above? Thanks to everyone who's voted so far!!

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    I love the name Isadora- it's very romantic! I like it with Matilda, I think they make darling sisters. My favorite combo is Isadora Scarlett, with Isadora Pearl a close second.

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