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    I have a friend named Tabitha, she's in her early 30's now but often goes by "tab" with close friends and family. Its a neat, cool little nickname in my opinion!

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    Bitta or Bitty could work, though the latter may be dependent on her size and self-image.

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    I had Tabitha Sophie on my list many moons ago and planned to call her Tish so I think depending on the MN other NN options might open up. Tabitha Jane could be TJ, Tabitha Lucy could be Taly/Tallie and so on. I think Tabitha NN Abby would be adorable though

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    Tabitha's i know usually go by the nn Tabby! I havnt heard any other possible nn sorry

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    The only Tabitha I know goes by Tabs. Tabby is really the only nn I like for Tabitha, but then I prefer the full thing anyway.

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